Steven Gotz Zootography
These photographs are of animals residing
at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland California.
I am a Zootographer. Meaning, I photograph animals in captivity. That's not all I photograph, but it constitutes the bulk of my animal photos. 

I started out, after I retired from my career in telecommunications, just looking for an interesting way to learn photography. But as my photos improved, and the Oakland Zoo started using them for everything from membership cards to maps, I signed up to become an official volunteer so that I could enter the contests that are only accessible to employees and volunteers.

The July 2017 Association of Zoos and Aquariums calendar page featured the image of the lion triplets, and the July 2019 page featured the jaguar in a tree. 

I have since become a Docent and the zoo uses my photos for just about anything they need, including sending out press releases, signs, banners, mailers, and billboards. I have mutually beneficial relationships with the Marketing and Membership departments as well as with Education and Animal Care. I am thoroughly enjoying retirement.